Saturday, 4 April 2009


Phew! We made it through a hectic week and picking up last minute pieces and late night hanging of the work (thank you, Dan and Tony) We had a great opening night with the gallery full from 5pm until we finished at 9. Really wonderful to see so many people down there and we sold our first piece. Yay!

It was a really nice idea to have more than one art event on in the same evening. It works really well for a town like Margate. People went and came back and left again.

After clearing up, today was a beautiful day out on the Harbour Arm. We'll be out there all day , everyday for the next two weeks. So if you fancy popping down to say hello, please do!

We're really pleased to see the numbers joining the flickr group have grown as has the collection of images. We've set up a Glimpse 2009 group so we can chart all the images from the event in one place. If you have images to add, please add them to the pool.

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  1. Popped down on Sunday afternoon, thought it was wonderful to see the fantastic photographs! Well done and lets hope its a success and look forward to the next exhibition.