Thursday, 16 April 2009

Interview: Kevin Button

Name: Kevin Button
Title of Work: Brickwork and Orange

Where do you live?
Ashford, Kent.

When was the work that's in the show taken?
20th September 2008.

What were you doing in Margate that day? I came to Margate for the Kite Festival. It was a lovely sunny day and managed to get a few good

What made you take the picture? I’m always looking out for patterns, lines and bold colours, and the doors of the buildings on the Harbour Arm deserved a closer look. I try to look for the details that otherwise go unnoticed.

Why did you put them/it in the Margate UK flickr group?
I use Flickr for inspiration and ideas. If I’m visiting an area I’ll do a quick search on Flickr and see what to look out for, and try to post into a group so that others can do the same. The towns we live in and visit have changed a lot in the last 10 years, with new developments, shopping centres and housing. We don’t know what changes will occur in the next decade, but we can document the changes.

Have you exhibited before?
Never, but it was a nice surprise to be asked.

How have you found being part of Glimpse 2009? It was very weird seeing one of my photographs on the wall.

What do you think about Margate? It needs to look to the future. Too many people hark back to the days when it was a popular holiday destination and still think that it can be that again. Time has moved on, and people want something else now. If I knew what that thing was, I’d let you know. However on the few occasions I’ve been to Margate, the things that scream out to be photographed are everywhere, now all I’ve just got to get out there and explore the area.

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