Thursday, 16 April 2009

Event image printing service available from Aaron Stone

Glimpse 2009 exhibitor, Aaron Stone has a portable printer set up that is available for hire by arrangement.

What is the kit?
Aaron: The printer is a dye sublimation printer made by Mitsubishi. Its main purpose and set up is for Event Photography where images are Lab Quality and ready to be taken away instantly. 6x8" photos are ready in 20 seconds and can be touched immediately. Any events where a moderate number of people will be attending (more specifically with families) are events where the printer would be taken as it can be used for instant portrait work. Though, for use within a
gallery, the digital files will also be printed out at a ratio of 3:4 (otherwise slight cropping will occur) and can be mounted and sold instantly all done to order.

What size are the prints?
Aaron: There are two main sizes offered and that is postcard size of 4x6" or 6x8".
Due to the nature of the printer, either one or the other will need to be chosen as entire media packs need to be changed of which can take a few minutes per change.

How do you charge?
Aaron: Events are not charged and we avoid paying to be at events, we look at it as a service to encourage people to the event. We get our money from the customers that purchase the images.

Do you have a website?
Aaron: The website will be coming online in May ( where
events will be listed and more information can be obtained. Otherwise, phone 07724196359.

It's a great way to promote your event and to sell your artwork in small printed format especially to those that may not afford other bigger pieces.

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