Thursday, 16 April 2009

Interview: Iain Aitch

Name: Iain Aitch
Title of work: Emin in Dreamland

Where do you live?
When was the work that's in the show taken?
2003, on an unseaonably hot April day. I think it was the 19th.

What were you doing in Margate that day?
Working. I was interviewing Tracey Emin for The Observer newspaper.
is the article in question.

What made you take the pictures?
We were wandering around Dreamland and I wanted to get two of Margate's most famous icons in the same shot. The Scenic was closed at the time and this was as close as we could get. The photo was taken shortly after the arcade fire created Godden's Gap. Tracey was aghast. I still believe that building should be restored. Shame on TDC for not ensuring it happened.

Why did you put them/it in the Margate UK flickr group?
I think the originators of the group may have told me there was one being set up. But I love flickr groups anyway, as they are such a great resource.

Have you exhibited before?
Yes and no. My sticker-decorated teenage guitar is currently in a show at Stratford station in East London, though I gave it away a few years ago to an enthusiast. So this is my first time in a show with me being credited.

I couldn't attend the opening evening, so I sadly missed out on meeting other artists on show. But I shall remedy that this week. No Turner Prize nomination as yet.

What do you think of Margate?
A scruffy place that has a home in my heart. I was born and brought up in Margate. And that never leaves you.

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