Thursday, 16 April 2009

Interview: Neil Brown

Neil Brown
Title of work: Hackney love Emin

Where do you live?
When was the work that's in the show taken?

What were you doing in Margate that day?

Visiting a friend

What made you take the picture?

I had just got off the train and was walking along the seafront, I noticed something written on the harbour and took a shot from the beach, then had to get in for a closer look.

Why did you put them/it in the Margate UK flickr group?
I guess because of the double Margate connection. I think Tracey Emin put Margate back on the art map, when she became as famous as she did. I just found the message amusing and have always wondered who did it. I have also added it to a Hackney group on Flickr, with administrator approval.

Have you exhibited before?
Yes, I try to get involved in a few shows a year around the south east, I teach art as well as practice and I feel it’s good for the students to see I practice what I preach.

How have you found being part of Glimpse 2009?
It was great to show my work back in Margate. I was born in Margate and lived there for 26 years. I also went to school with Dan, so it was extra exciting to be working alongside him as a friend and as someone I admired as an artists. I would personally like to thank Dan and Louise for setting up the show and putting in so much hard work, thank you.

What do you think about Margate?
I love Margate (Might get that on a T-Shirt :oD ) I have so many good memories of growing up in Margate. I am currently working on my own project, which will showcase a period from the late 80’s to mid 90’s of the skateboard scene in and around Margate – Blatant plug right here -

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